ORB Manicure with our REFRESHING Paraffin Wax ORBserts

ORB Manicures are your platinum standard treatment, warming, relaxing, anti-ageing, hydrating, effective and luxurious.

A ‘facial for hands’, the ORB Manicure with REFRESHING Paraffin Wax ORBserts delivers the total experience and can be your stand alone service or added into a polish, gel or acrylic treatment for the ultimate, magnificent manicure.

Warm paraffin wax pre belnded with core oils and essential oils of Grapefruit, Black Pepper, Sweet Fennel and Juniper for revitalising, skin softening masques, brush full after brush full of anti-ageing luxury – combined for a truly unique experience.

You could choose any hand or body oil in your ORB to pre paint before the Paraffin Wax masque to truly upgrade to the ultimate Manicure - layering the effect and enhancing the results.

ORB Manicure Benefits:

  • Intensely hydrating and moisturising for hands and nails.
  • Deep relaxation enhances the overall client experience.
  • Warm Oil application and wax masque provide anti-ageing properties and resulting ‘hand rejuvenation’.
  • Efficient, hygienic and economical delivery of paraffin wax hand masque.
  • Cuticle softening and skin conditioning without the need for soaking or water treatment.
  • Personalised, single dose product use with inclusion of ORBserts delivering a more ‘bespoke’ service.
  • Warm ORB application allows deeper relaxation and release of muscle tension or soreness.
  • Paraffin wax masque eases arthritic conditions.